As a woman who combines educational expertise in the field of Human Sexuality with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the many facets of the Sex Industry, Dr. Miro is uniquely able to provide professional Sex Therapy and Coaching for Sex Industry workers. Through honest, realistic guidance, she addresses sexual issues at their base and core with empathy.

Yes, she is an expert in Human Sexuality, but YOU are your own expert. Sometimes it seems no one understands or can identify with the issues you face. Allow Dr. Miro to be a resource, assisting you in making decisions and resolving dilemmas that arise in your life. Utilizing therapeutic and coaching models, TOGETHER you will make your life more satisfying.

Dr. Miro specializes in helping people who have worked or are presently working in the sex industry. This means many things to many people. Essentially, she feels that getting a handle on your life and loves is difficult enough when you work an office job, but when your past, present, or future livelihood arises from work often regarded by others as unconventional or 'taboo,' you may require more insight and sex-positivity than your average therapist can imagine. The sex industry is a growing, but highly under-served community with needs and issues unique unto itself. Dr. Miro recognizes these needs, and approaches them with understanding and a high comfort level rare in her field.

She will provide a non-judgemental, sex positive environment in which you will feel free to open and release much of what may be holding you back from reaching your true potential. She assists her clients with sexual issues that affect and/or include work and personal life, differentiating between the two, and transitioning into and out of the industry. Dr. Miro will also provide assistance in life counseling - relating to family, friends, lovers, fans, and those who may disagree with your life choices.

Her clientele includes men, women and everyone in between - straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered (and many unique combinations of these orientations) who are, have been or are entering the Sex Industry.
Dr. Miro's goal is to be a resource for sex workers in attaining greater harmony in their lives.


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